Big data and shared data services with more creativity, more profitability and less noise

Big data, open data, shared data and technologies of collaboration have a great impact on human cognition, creativity, productivity, relationships and businesses.

We help people at looking into data risks, opportunities, principles and peculiarities with a strategic, creative and productive focus, strengthened by understanding of sustainability, liabilities and cyber security challenges... [more about what we do]


  • Workshops and disruptively systematic one2one sessions: Specifications Happy Hours
  • Online Identity Appraisal. Webinar, 1h - 16 July
  • Cybercrime risks: an overview for community services. Webinar, 24 July
  • Cybercrime risks: an overview for landlords, agencies and tenants. Webinar, 1h - tbd July or September
  • Cybercrime risks for information professionals. Training course, 1 day, London, 16 September

icm2re logo. icm2:re (I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything) is an ongoing web column edited and published by Brunella Longo

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4.3 | March 2015: If change does not come easy, make it easier to change

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4.1 | January 2015: Let's talk about the money. About me, my banks and the insane fathers

3.12 | December 2014: Lessons learned from the defeat of Google Authorship and catalogues' contests