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Big data, open data, shared data and technologies of collaboration have a great impact on human cognition, creativity, productivity, relationships and businesses.

Open Data Assurance by Brunella Longo helps responsible and mindful organisations and people at looking into data risks, opportunities, principles and peculiarities with a strategic, creative and productive focus, strengthened by understanding of sustainability, liabilities and cyber security challenges... [discover more about the services and products we offer]

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icm2re logo. icm2:re (I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything) is an ongoing web column edited and published by Brunella Longo   ISSN 2059-688X (Online)

The latest in Brunella Longo's icm2:re (I Changed My Two Reviewing Everything) column:

4.9 | September 2015: Big boys, the cunning of copyright and the looming of the syndication right

4.8 | August 2015: Innovation in recruitment: talking royalties instead of wages

4.7 | July 2015: Transparency is the new privacy. Part 2: Accountability

4.6 | June 2015: Transparency is the new privacy. Part 1: Trust

4.5 | May 2015: Take care of your bacteria. Do scientists and GPs have the right information to fight antibiotics resistance?

4.4 | April 2015: Is the evidence not enough? About an application for british citizenship and a stakeholder pension

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